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Rice Village/West University Area: (713) 847-7103

Midtown Area: (832) 804-6165

Answering Your FAQs About Our Repair Services


I tried to repair my iPhone and have it semi assembled can you finish the repair?

We sure can, all you need to do is bring it to one of our two locations, and onet.

Do you repair ipods or other Apple Products?

Yes, we do, we have a wide range of Apple products including iPod, iPad, MacBook, iMac, and PC Repairs.

Can I mail in my Phone for Repair?

As a walk-in service might be a faster repair, you can always mail in your device with your information and a brief description of the problem of your device. This would expedite the repair time. Please make sure you pack your device properly.

Do you offer any warranty on your repairs?

Yes, we do, every repair comes with a 90-day part & labor warranty, this guarantees our repair. This means if you have any issues related to the repair within 90 days of the repair date, we will amend the problem in a timely manner.

Where do I send my device to?

Please ship your device to our mail-in service location at iPC Repair, LLC. 106 Westheimer Rd. Suite A. Houston, TX 77006.

What do I need to include with my device?

You do not need to include anything other than your defective device. No need to send your bor or any accessories.

Do I need to include my SIM card?

No, we have our SIM card to fully test your device, no need to send yours.

Do you need my device's passcode?

Yes we do, by not providing your passcode it limits our ability to fully test the device.

I dropped my iPhone in water, can you fix it?

We sure can. First things first, the sooner you get your device to us, the more chances of us fixing it. Check with us what devices apply to water damage repair.